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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A mini adventure

Well, I did it again... mess up my computer that is.
I was getting fed up with my Kernel, which was a 2.4.31 linux kernel, not hotplugging my usb harddrive properly so I compiled a 2.6.15 kernel instead. Something wasn't right with the new kernel but because I'm a dumbass I hadn't made a backup of my old one (thinking that it's still on the Slackware install disc anyway...). Well I tried to fix it using Knoppix and failed. I felt a bit better when I discovered that Steve couldn't convice it to work either.
So I set about finding something new to try, because if I reinstalled Slackware I'd only have to go through a ton of shit trying to sort out a new kernel again. Problem is... I only have one CD drive in my computer so I couldn't use Knoppix to write a new boot disc so I decided to try SUSE 10.0 OSS, which was on the cover of a magazine a few months back. So far I'm impressed. I didn't think I'd like it actually but it seems to be fast enough; I just tried glxgears and got 2045fps, which isn't too bad considering I'm in KDE and I've got music playing and 2 torrents incoming and I'm chatting on Kopete. I'll see if I can get more out of it later. On Slackware I used to average 2600fps, so it's not a massive difference. Screenshots to follow, obviously.. but I haven't changed anything yet really and a standard OpenSUSE screenshot can be found on their website.


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