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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Soundtrack to your life

I've always contemplated the idea of having a soundtrack to your life. If my life was a film, what music would I chose? There are very specific albums that relate to different times in my life, like with anyone I guess. I suppose really that it's just albums that I own. I think the reason that I see it as more than that is because I've never really been much of one for buying music, which is stupid considering that I'm a musician. Anyway, This is bound to be an incomplete list, but here are the albums that all, for one reason or another, are in my mind as being important albums to me.

Early life:
Queen - Greatest Hits (I & II)
Ace of Base - Happy Nation (re-occuring)

Mid teens:
The Kinks - The best of

End of Senior school:
Radiohead - OK Computer (re-occuring)
The Prodigy - Fat of the land (re-occuring)

Whilst doing A-levels:
B*Witched - B*Witched
Vengaboys - The Party Album
NIN - The downward spiral

My year out:
This is when I got my computer, and hence started gitting into mp3s. So there's a lot of unrecorded music listening here... This is what makes this list inaccurate, but at the same time emphasises the important of the albums involved.

Kittie - Spit (important)
The Offspring - Americana (important)
Train - Drops of Jupiter
HIM - Razorblade romance

First year of college:
The Offspring - Conspiracy of One
Green Day - Dookie (important)

Second year:
Ash - Intergalactic super 7s

Third year:
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - By the way

Forth year:
Dune - Dune/Expedicion
The Cat Empire - Hello

Since the summer:
Korn - Issues
Pendulum - Slam
The Cat Empire - Two Shoes

Let me know if there are things I've forgotten


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